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With as crazy as things have been, I’m a bit overdue for an update.  The kickstarter is truckin’ along very nicely, we’ve got just under 2 weeks left in the campaign and we’re about 70% of the way to our funding goal!  I can’t begin to thank everyone enough!  You guys rock!

I had the opportunity to chat with the folks from Pre RecordedLive Podcast earlier which was a lot of fun!  Check them out on Twitter @PreRecLive! It was my first podcast but all in all think it went pretty well.  I’ll post a link when they’ve got it up!

Whenever I’m trying to tell people what Star Trucker is about, I always kind of feel a bit like Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza in the episode where they’re pitching the show to NBC.

It’s not that Star Trucker is about nothing… but essentially it’s just a story about a dude and his dog traveling the cosmos, delivering shit from Point A to Point B.  We put the petal to the metal pretty quick in issue #1 and issue #2, but a large part of the story is exploring the endless possibilities held within a boundless universe.  My elevator pitch was always Jack Burton in Space.

Issue #1 begins as star trucker, Samuel Corvus takes on a mission to transport a classified cargo from a research station orbiting the Spark—a massive cosmic anomaly thought by many to be the origin point of the universe itself.  After picking up his classified cargo, Sam disembarks from the station escorted by stellar scientist Carina Shaw; when his ship is attacked by an old adversary, out settle a longstanding score.  This confrontation launches the group into a space aged version of Jack Burton meets Mad Max: Fury Road and will showcasing a very gritty industrialized space.

Our Characters:

Sam and Na'shira

Samuel (Sam) Corvus – captain of the Nye’mah Maru and his dog Na’shira.


Little Luna's Dinner - Ask about our franchise opportunities!Little Luna's Diner

Little Luna’s is named after its famous creator Luna Albiero, who died in a tragic space ship crash during the early commercialization of space.  Luna’s husband was a famous scientist that pioneered work in the study of synthetic life—he created a synthetic human (android) in her likeness and then proceeded to create one of the largest restaurant chains in the cosmos in her honor.  Little Luna’s Diner is staffed entirely with the synthetic versions of Luna.


Dr. Carina Shaw

Dr. Carina Shaw – Lead Scientist assigned to study the cosmic anomally designated “The Spark”


More to come! As always thanks for stopping by!



Hey guys,

Apologies for the much overdue post!  My wordpress site crapped out in the middle of an install and I’ve pretty much had to slowly piece back together my site and with as busy as I’ve been between work and getting everything ready for the Star Trucker Kickstarter Campaign I haven’t had a plethera of excess time.  Slowly getting there though, today’s the first day in over a month that I’ve actually even been able to login so that in and of itself is huge progress.

Which leads me to my first big announcement, Star Trucker #1 is finally available on Kickstarter!

Check it out here:  startruckercomic.com

Escaped From L.A. Films did an amazing job on the short film for our Kickstarter project!  Check them out at escapedfromla.com!

Gonna try to rebuild a little more of the site, for now, please enjoy some Star Trucker #1 WIP:

Sam and Na'shira



rig painting


Much more to coming soon…

Cheers, all thanks for stopping by!

Kicking off #ThrowbackThursday with Dante: The Inferno Issue #1, The Road to Hell.  Written by me (Jackson Rahl), Artwrok by Amrit Birdi, Colors by Joaquin Pereyra, and Lettered by Tadd Galusha.  WTF is Throwback Thursday you might ask?  To celebrate a great 2015 and all the wonderful support from fans just like you, I’ve decided to post a page a week from Issue #1 of Dante!  If you love it and would like to support our creative team, the book is currently available on Comixology for just $0.99!  As always thanks for stopping by!



Have a big update in the works, but excited to announce Dante Throwback Thursdays beginning tomorrow!  I’ll be posting a page a week from the first issue #1 of my book Dante: The Inferno available now on Comixology for just $0.99!!

ThrowbackThursday Ad

Hey guys!  As always I’m super behind on updates… been an extremely crazy few months.  The first issue of Dante is complete and I’m dealing with publisher submittals, presales, etc.  I’ll hopefully have a spot soon on the website for those of you who are interested to purchase a copy.  Other than that my work schedule shifted to 12 hour shifts, which has and is taking some time to get adjusted to.

Here’s a little teaser of some of the line art from my next book Star Trucker, I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turning out!  Tadd Galusha’s doing a stellar job on the art 😉



Additionally I’m also in the process of finding an artist for a web comic I’m planning on doing here in the not too distant future.  It’s a futuristic sci-fi detective story—kind of a Dick Tracy meets Futurama, but more on that later! Cheers!


Hey guys,  trying to do a better job at keeping the site up to date; been a crazy couple of months but for mostly good reasons. Hope everyone had a great holiday and a very happy New Years!

My new book Dante: The Inferno is wrapping up nicely, we just crossed into the final phase of the project and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turning out.  Amrit Birdi’s doing a fantastic job on the artwork, Joaquin Pereyra is doing an incredible job on the colours and Tadd Galusha is doing an amazing job on the lettering.  I’m truly blessed to be working with such an amazing team on this project.  I can’t begin to express how incredible of an experience this has been and continues to be—getting to this point has been a truly amazing journey and though it hasn’t been without its bumps in the road, I wouldn’t change a thing.

That being said, here’s a teaser of the cover for Issue #1 of Dante: The Inferno

Dante: The Inferno Issue #1

Dante: The Inferno Issue #1

In other news, I’m very excited to announce a project I’m doing with artist Tadd Galusha entitled Star Truckers. Which follows pilot Samuel Corvus on a grity ride through the dirty underbelly of space.  Here’s a small teaser of some  of the concept art for the project!


mother trucker logo

That’s all for now, more to come soon!  Thanks for stopping by!

Been a crazy couple of months—having the artwork done currently for my first comic book, Dante: The Inferno.  As promised below are a few teasers for the book–artwork is being done by Amrit Birdi who’s doing an incredible job with the book!  Colors are being done by Joaquin Pereyra (also doing an incredible job)!  Hope you enjoy!  More to come soon!


Dante Teaser Pg1P1










75 years of kicking ass and keeping Gotham crime free, this one’s for you Bats!

Who’s your favorite Batman of the past 75 years?

I’ll always have a soft spot for Adam West!


Hey guys, sorry for the much belated update!  Going to try to do a much better job at posting more regularly and keeping the site updated!  Things post Emerald City Comic Con have been a bit insane, but in a mostly good way.  Been busy writing three new projects and also working on getting the artwork done for Dante (as well as pitching to publishers), which is exciting and stressful in its own right.  Unfortunately the artist I was  initially hoping to work with had some scheduling issues, so it’s back to the great artist hunt once again for me I’m afraid.  Hopefully I’ll have some news and possibly a teaser or two in the not too distant future…

Who’s excited for Guardians of the Galaxy?!

I gotta say the more I watch the trailer, the more excited I get.  Love the comic, excited for the movie! Gonna be great!